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Virgin and Child after Jean Fouquet

July 4, 2008

Jean Fouquet’s Madonna is one of the most interesting paintings I’ve ever seen; the blue and red cherubs and the alabaster skin create such a juxtaposition. For me the remix transforms Madonna from a demure young girl into a sly goddess.
I hope you like it…

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Madonna after Andrea Mantegne

July 1, 2008

Like so many of his contemporaries, Mantegna explored similar religious themes in their work. Portraits of the Madonna are one of the most common, with many artists creating multiple works of her and the baby Jesus. This is my first, but many more follow, and they’re rapidly becoming a favourite subject of mine [...]

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Portrait of Andrea Doria as Neptune after Angelo Bronzino

June 29, 2008

Angelo Bronzino is a master of the portrait, capturing the essence of a person in an allegorical blending of reality and myth. In this piece he captures Andrea Doria, an Admiral in the Geonese navy, as Neptune, god of the sea. Apparently the piece was quite risque for the times, representing a known [...]

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Adoration of the Magi after Bernardino Luini

June 28, 2008

Adoration of the Magi marks the first piece where I dramatically altered the framing of the piece, eliminating almost 3/4 of the image to focus on mary and the baby jesus. The piece is also more abstract than some of my other works; removing the background and context around the two embeds them within [...]

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Death and Woman after Hans Baldung Grien

June 25, 2008

Created for Halloween 2007, this piece was an exploration outside of my usual artistic range. Hans Grien was a student of Durer who clearly had a fascination with death, including the leering skeletal figure depicted in this piece in a number of his works. He was also extremely interested in witches and made [...]

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Birth of Venus after Sandro Botticelli

June 22, 2008

The Birth of Venus was the third remix of the series, and was created at a time when I was trying to work some subtlety into the textures, maintaining the piece’s essence as much as possible. I find Botticelli’s work, like that of his Italian Renaissance contemporaries, exquisite. The incredible painterly style of [...]

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