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Portrait of Napoleon after Andrea Appiani

July 19, 2008

This portrait of Napoleon really reflects the opulence of the time; the costumery of the period is stunning, and I had to work hard to make sure that the details weren’t lost as I remixed. Royal blue and yellow seemed most appropriate for the subject, and I’m relatively happy with how the piece turned [...]

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Portrait of Emporer Ferdinand II of Austria after Francesco Hayez

July 15, 2008

Hayez produces the most interesting caractertures I’ve seen, and this one is the most distinct by far. Judging from other photos of Ferdinand the likeness was Hayez own design, although the genetic problems of the heavily inbred Hapsburg family are well known.
The realistic detail in his other work leads me to believe that [...]

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Portrait of the painter Marten Pepyn after Anthony Van Dyck

July 11, 2008

Van Dyck was one of the first famous court portraitists, with many incredible portraits of British high society. He employed a number of assistants in his London workshop and created something of a production line. Many pieces attributed were never even touched by him, however most of his assistants and copyists could not [...]

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Portrait of Laura Battiferri after Angelo Bronzino

July 10, 2008

My second Bronzino is a remix of a portrait of his friend Laura Battiferri, an author and poet. In my earlier portraiture series, divine reflections I often used friends as my subject, and immediately felt a resonance to this piece. It went through several iterations of very different remixes before this final version, [...]

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Christ on the Cross after Albrecht Dürer

July 8, 2008

Definitely my most controversial piece, there’s something about depicting Christ on the cross that begins to approach sacrilege, though honestly I can say that this piece was created with reverence for the subject. I’ve encountered some people who are genuinely challenged by it, and I wonder if it will ever sell, but it was [...]

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Venus and Cupid after Sebastiano Ricci

July 6, 2008

This portrait of Venus and Cupid was created for a show of deities and was one of the first pieces where I mixed more than one of my paintings. It’s not a technique that i’ve used often since, but every once in a while it really works.
Sebastiano Ricci led a somewhat torrid and sordid [...]

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