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Artistic Process

A self taught artist, my approach to artwork is unconventional. My paintings are informed by a lifelong exploration and love of fluid dynamics, from the swirl of ink in water to the movement of cream in a cup of coffee. This aesthetic is recreated through a complex layering of paint, and captured at micro levels by means of digital photography. Examples of the raw paintings and a more detailed explanation of that process can be found at flowformed.com.

Before exploring the paintings as a medium by themselves, I began by combining the organic flow with photography using photoshop. More recently I’ve begun exploring the combination of my paintings with those of old masters, a process started with my remix of the mona lisa. This site contains the beginnings of a body of work that I am excited to dive further into. While I am open to further explorations of the combination of my work with photography, the beauty of these iconic paintings is currently inspiring me and I encourage you to check the work out.

Thank you for your continued support and interest,