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About the Artist

My love of art came relatively late in life with the innocent purchase of a camera.  Fascinated with capturing the details of the world around me, photography grew from a hobby into a passion, and expanded my horizons well beyond my engineering background. With these artistic thoughts taking root, I returned to school and began to explore the convergence between art and engineering.  The art expanded from photography to a self taught form of painting, and eventually to the combination of the two in a portraiture series.  This series is the natural extension of those initial seeds.

If you had asked me what I was going to become in high school, the answer without a doubt would have been Engineer.  Within less than half a year I will complete a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering.  Now, with the same questions being asked of me on an almost daily basis, by family and friends who have watched me grow over the past five years, I know the answer deep within my heart; I am going to be an Artist. Thank you for that opportunity…